“The Crystal World is a fragile one. Full of weak underlings too lame and enfeebled to understand the true might of what confronts them. A scourging of the races must be instigated. A powerful radiating wave of infinite death will wash over them, smothering them, the crushing end dragging them under like so many grains of sand in the face of a hurricane tide propelled by the winds and the fury of the heavens.
There is few of which we speak of not,
Terror of the father is the terror off the son,
But what becomes faded and fogged in time,
Will strike with surprise anon.
There will not be suspect or suspence,
the seed with have withered in it’s bag,
the blessings are hollow and laced with lies,
and your skin, like crones, will wither and sag.
I am coming.”
- Unknown passage exerted from recent archaeological site.

Battle for Acturea

Dertar Vharkha Benathon_Fief