Ledron Banshee Bane

Heavy Pulse Weapon designed speHeavy Pulse Weapon designed specifically to exterminate aberrations

weapon (ranged)

Superior Ranged (Heavy) Weapon

Range: Short to Medium Range

Attack: +2 Proficiency bonus + dex

Damage: Vs. Banshee/Aberration – 1d12 + 10 + dex
Vs. Other – 1d8 + dex


Ledron is a relatively new range on the weapons market.

Originally known for crafting advanced lighting apparatuses, the Ledron family has branched out into focus-beam technology with a heavy influence from the southern Alliance weapons. Although currently highly unstable, the Ledron Banshee Bane is the best choice for economically exterminating ghostly aberrations.

“Hear a bump in the night? Respond with a not a bang, but a banshee bane!”

Ledron Banshee Bane

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