Battle for Acturea

Artimus Tavaron - Personal Pre Mission Supposition

32nd attempt at Banshee Displacment

October 23, 2011 00:41 – Pre Mission Supposition

With Jarkarakah deceased, I have called upon the assistance of two highly expendable travelers sworn to carry out Jakarakah’s final mission. Dragonborn’s- gotta love ‘em. They’ll fit nicely with the Yamakai youths we conscripted specifically for this mission. If anything, at least, their headlong behavior will most certainly tempt the banshee’s initial possession giving our boys time to burn the demons into pulse-cannon oblivion.

Although this is attempt number thirty-two, I have much confidence this time around. With the Banshee Banes finally finished, we can actually reach these things without chewing through our own men first. I don’t expect the travelers to survive… but if they do return, they will have most certainly proven their usefulness to the powers of Utarah. Who knows- if they keep performing amazingly for me I might even be able to get them noticed by the mechanics.

I expect their return some time before the new dawn, however I best prepare for attempt number thirty-three just in case…



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